Career Conference

Connecting Black students, graduates, and industry professionals

Black Career Conference 2022 will provide Black students, graduates and entrepreneurs, who have been historically underrepresented and underserved, the opportunity to learn from and connect with industry professionals and each other. The conference’s programming will span across industries to provide streamlined opportunities for both attendees aligned to particular career paths and to those open to career planning. Professional development workshops will also be run to aid attendees in skills-building.

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Image by Harry Shelton


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Connect with like-minded individuals from across Canada

Network with industry professionals to land your next job opportunity

Have a great time and meet new people!

Students at Black Career Conference, BCC
Image by Harry Shelton


"Delighted to be fortunate enough to attend BCC, it was easily one of the most immersive, engaging and rewarding experiences i’ve had. Although virtual, I was blown away by the experience, the speakers, the knowledge, the passion, the sessions and all the insights shared were outstanding as I gained life lessons on navigating my career as a black student. It’s so encouraging to have BRC work to bridge the gap through professional development of students through such an experience."

Class of 2023, Accounting
Dennis Mitchell, CEO & CIO Starlight Investments
One of the most valuable things about partnering with BCC was the opportunity to connect with students and become a part of their career journeys. 
BCC will undoubtedly continue to be a catalyst in the professional development in the Black community. 

Dennis Mitchell
CEO & CIO Starlight Investments 

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